Latvian Ship Tested In Poland

  • Konferencja z udziałem gen. Waldemara Skrzypczaka- fot. Piotr A. Maciążek
    Konferencja z udziałem gen. Waldemara Skrzypczaka- fot. Piotr A. Maciążek

Latvian Navy’s LNVS “Talivaldis” mine-hunter has gone through measurements of the physical fields of the vessel at the Polish test facility located in Gdynia. The above constitutes an effect of the Polish-Latvian memorandum, within which this type of research is going to refer to four more Latvian vessels.

The measurement-control area, located close to the Formoza base in Gdynia, was fitted with a proper set of sensors which made it possible to measure the magnetic, electric, thermal, hydro-acoustic and hydrodynamic fields. The aim of the above operation is to develop the mine protection system for the ship. This is particularly significant in case of the mine-hunters, since they usually operate within the areas where the mine threat is most significant.

This type of tests needs to be executed periodically, due to the fact that the physical parameters of the ships are changed throughout their lifetimes (for example, the ship is becoming noisier due to wear of the engines or of the propeller). Should the permissible physical fields’ intensity levels be exceeded, proper repair works are being carried out. For example, if the given vessel’s magnetism is too much pronounced, its level is decreased with the use of a deperming (degaussing) station – this plant comes in a stationary or floating form.

Latvia does not have this type of a testing ground at its disposal, nor do the Latvians are in possession of a deperming facility. Thus, they have been so far using assistance of the Dutch or the Germans, now they are carrying out the required procedures in Poland, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs.

LVNS “Talivaldis” is an ex-Dutch Tripratite class HMNLD “Dordrecht” mine-hunter, displacement of which reaches 605 tonnes. Vessel’s length is 51.5 meters. The vessel was decommissioned in 2000, and transferred to the Latvians in 2008. Latvian Navy uses the ship to execute mine-hunting and patrol operations. The ship is a mine-hunter in a classic sense of this word, with its hull made out of plastic, which makes it possible to decrease the ships’ magnetism.

Lithuanian LNS “Kursis” mine-hunter also went through a similar procedure at the Polish testing ground, couple of years ago.