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Norwegian Telemark Battalion Deployed to Żagań, Poland

Image Credit: NATO
Image Credit: NATO

Norwegian Telemark mechanized battalion, using the Leopard 2 main battle tanks and modernized CV-9030N IFVs, is one of the participants of the Noble Jump 2019 exercise. The Norwegians are currently joining the main element of the NATO VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force) that has already been deployed or is being deployed to Żagań. The Polish training range would serve as an arena for another phase of the exercise, namely the live fire training.

During one of the initial phases of the Noble Jump 2019 operation, the main VJTF element formed around the 9th Armoured Brigade of the Bundeswehr this year, was working on strategic deployment from permanent bases to a point of concentration close to the Polish border, to move to the Polish training area in Żagań afterwards. The deployment to Żagań was carried out, at least partially, with the use of the road network.

The Norwegian Telemark battalion that has become a part of the NATO VJTF as of 2019 (along with the Dutch 45th Mechanized Infantry Battalion Oranje Gelderland) is also involved in the Noble Jump operation. The Norwegians used trains and a ferry to ultimately sail to Szczecin. 300 soldiers and more than 100 different military vehicles were unloaded in Szczecin on 2nd June.

Around 40 armoured vehicles were then transferred directly to Żagań via the Polish railway network. The Norwegians joined the German, Dutch and Polish soldiers there to get involved in the upcoming phase of the Noble Jump 2019 exercise that would involve live-fire training too. Another group of Norwegian soldiers is to reach Żagań soon. The Norwegians are armed with Leopard 2 MBTs and upgraded CV-9030N IFVs.

Noble Jump 2019 is scheduled to last until 14th June. The exercise involves German, Norwegian, Dutch and Polish forces.

The Polish military will most certainly use the lessons learned, since it is getting ready for its turn to remain on station as the VJTF land component, starting from 2020. 21st Highland Brigade is to act as the leading unit of the VJTF then. Poland would be acting in a role of VJTF framework nation for the first time, when it comes to the land component of the NATO force in question.