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Poland Selects Successor Of The Honker Vehicle. 880 Mustangs For The Polish Army

The Armament Inspectorate publicized a release regarding the public procurement procedure, the aim of which is to deliver passenger/heavy goods vehicle with a high degree of mobility, a.k.a. the MUSTANG.The new vehicles are going to replace the Honker cars which are being currently utilized by the Polish Army.

The procedure, which is being carried out in line with the Public procurement law, concerns delivery of 882 examples of the high-mobility passenger/heavy goods vehicles in two variants: non-armoured (841 examples) and armoured one (41 examples). The new vehicles are to be delivered between 2016 and 2022.

Ministry of Defence reduced the order – last year, the available information suggested that procurement of 1600 vehicles is planned to be realized until 2022, and the order would have a value of ca. PLN 200 million. The technological dialogue carried out by the Armament Inspectorate involved, in total, 17 potential contractors, however, the tender may involve even more bidders. Probably the offers would include vehicles which have been designed from scratch as a military vehicle (such as the Panhard PVP, HMMWV or Navistar SOTV vehicles) or modified variants of the cars that are available within the civilian market (e.g. the Łomot vehicle based on Toyota Hilux or the specialized variants of Land Rover Defender).

New “Mustang” vehicles are going to constitute a replacement of the Honkers which are currently utilized by the Polish Army – Image Credit: M.Dura

Tactical and technical requirements

Detailed specification of the subject-matter of the procurement has not been revealed to the public, it would be only provided for the contractors who are going to be invited to submit their initial offers. According to the released information, the Armament Inspectorate is willing to procure cars with two types of the body – armoured variant which would be capable of carrying 4 persons plus the driver, and a non-armoured variety – for 8 persons plus the driver.

One of the Land Rover’s cars would probably be offered in the Mustang Tender – Image Credit: M.Dura

The non-armoured variant is to be characterized with maximum total permissible weight which would not exceed 3500 kilograms, with a load capacity of 1000 kilograms. The Armament Inspectorate did not disclose the maximum permissible weight parameter of the armoured variant, however we know that their load capacity should reach at least 600 kilograms, and that the wheels should be fitted with run-flat tyres.

Mercedes LAPV 5.4 – with level 2 of ballistic protection – Image Credit: M.Dura

Moreover, it has been established that when it comes to the armoured variant, the protection – together with the bulletproof windows – shall provide:

  • within the scope of bulletproofing – protection level compliant with the level 1, according to the STANAG-4569 norm, Annex A;

  • within the scope of IED protection – protection level compliant with the level 1, according to the STANAG-4569 norm, Annex B;

Thus, the previous requirements have been reduced – earlier on, the armoured variant was to provide ballistic protection at the level of at least level 2, and anti-mine protection at the level 2b. Other parameters contained within the tactical and technical specification have probably been changed as well.

HMMWV vehicle will probably be also offered for the Polish Army - Image Credit: M.Dura

The Armament Inspectorate indicated, in the release which was published on 23rd July, that all of the Mustang vehicles are going to:

  • be new;

  • their production date (year) must be the same as delivery date;

  • they have to feature an AWD 4x4 drive-train, however, RWD layout with possible enabling of the FWD is also permissible;

  • the vehicles should be equipped with a diesel engine, with a power to weight ratio defined in line with the PN-S-02014:1994 standard – at least 35 kW per tonne;

  • the new vehicles should be unified when it comes to the drive-train, equipment, fittings, steering elements, dashboards, measurement and control devices and electrical system connections;

  • the vehicles are to have a wading capability of at least 0.5 meters (without preparation) and no less than 0.65 meters (with preparation);

  • the new vehicles should feature a hoist with a pulling strength of at least 100% of TTPM, with at least 25 m long cable.

The prepared agreement additionally assumes that the contractor is going to provide maintenance, repairs and service throughout the guarantee period at the authorized workshops of the contractor, located within the territory of Poland.

PVP vehicle manufactured by Panhard Defense
PVP vehicle manufactured by Panhard Defense - Image Credit: M.Dura

Final request placing deadline, related to the requests for being included in the proceedings, expires on 8th September 2015. The vehicles would be acquired in line with the Public Procurement Law. The procurement may be realized by contractors whose seat is located within the territory of the European Union, European Economic Area or within the territory of a country with which the Polish, or the EU authorities, concluded an agreement regarding the defence and security procurement. 

The procedure is going to select an offer which is most viable economically, including the criteria such as price (80% of weight), guarantee period (10%), vehicle’s ground clearance, measured in line with the PN-ISO-612:2006 standard (5%) and power to weight ratio, defined according to the PN-S-02014:1994 norm.

According to the information provided to Defence24 by Lt. Col. Małgorzata Ossolińska, spokesperson of the Armament Inspectorate, the technological dialogue regarding the Mustang programme involved the following subjects:

1. Concept Sp. z o. o.

2. Przemysłowy Instytut Motoryzacji [Industrial Automotive Institute] together with AMZ Kutno Sp. z o. o.


4. Zeszuta Sp. z o. o.

5. BEES-POL Sp. z o. o., together with z Hobson Industries Ltd.

6. DZT FS Lublin Sp. z o. o.

7. AUTO-HIT S. A., together with z Hatehof Ltd.

8. URSUS S. A.

9. AMZ Kutno Sp. z o. o., together with JLR Polska Sp. z o. o.

10. AUTOBOX Sp. z o. o., together with the Military University of Technology

11. AYCOMM, together with Otokar A. S.

12. AMZ Kutno Sp. z o. o., together with KMW GmbH & Co KG.

13. WAWRZASZEK ISS Sp. z o. o., together with Hatehof Ltd.

14. Navistar (USA).

15. Edison Polska.

16. PAGACZ i SYNOWIE Sp. z o. o., along with Paramount Group.

17. Polski Holding Obronny Sp. z o. o. [Polish Defence Holding], together with Panhard Defense.