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Polish Army Acquires Assault Bridges For The Leopard Tanks

  • Kapsuła Dragon-2. Ilustracja: SpaceX /
    Kapsuła Dragon-2. Ilustracja: SpaceX /

The Armament Inspectorate informed that a procedure, the aim of which is to realize development works which would make it possible to create a test batch of the track-chassis Daglezja assault bridges, has been started.The Daglezja vehicles are the only systems of this class utilized by the Polish Army, which may be used by the Leopard 2A5 and the future Leopard 2A4PL tanks.

According to the release issued by the Armament Inspectorate, the aim of the order is to carry out development works that would include procurement of a test batch of the Daglezja bridges based on a track-chassis. It was stressed that the project is going to be realized on the basis of the documentation which is possessed by the State Treasury.

The development works also assume that a research is going to be carried out, in order to create documentation required to start the mass production. The procedure is of a limited character. One of the criteria which must be met in order to be technically qualified to participate, is to carry out, within 5 years from the proposal submission deadline (or during the business operations term – should that period be shorter), at least one development or implementation study, pertaining the field of assault bridges.

The requests for acceptance of submission of the offers are going to be accepted until 3rd August 2015. The proposals are going to be assessed within the scope of price (weight of 90) and time of executing the order (weight of 10).

The previous procedure, within its part regarding procurement of the MG-20 Daglezja-G assault bridges was cancelled in February 2015. The implementation works were expected, including creation of two examples of the bridge. It was decided, at the same time, to procure a batch of 10 bridges on a wheeled chassis, 7 of which were to be delivered in 2015, and another three in 2016.

The Daglezja-G bridges are based on a modified T-72 tank chassis, featuring one additional wheel. They may be used by track-chassis vehicles imposing load of MLC70 class (up to 63.5 tonnes), or by MLC110 class vehicles on a wheeled chassis. The bridges are to make it possible to go over obstacles with a width of up to 20 meters. The test batch is to include two examples of the bridges, however one of the examples is going to be based on the prototype. 

Currently, the Daglezja Assault bridges are the only vehicles of this class that may be used by the Leopard 2A5, or the prospective Leopard 2A4PL tanks. Within the scope of the track-chassis vehicles, solely MG-20 Daglezja-G prototype has been created so far.