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Polish Army Will Train The Soldiers Of The Ukrainian Armed Forces

Training activities for the Ukrainian soldiers will be organized in Poland, within the scope of the NATO programme, aim of which is to support the Kiev’s military education system.

This year three instructor courses for the Ukrainian Non-Commissioned Officers will be held in Poland. The training sessions will take place in June, September and October. 50 Ukrainian NCO’s are going to be involved in the programme – according to Col. Jacek Sońta, Spokesperson for the Polish Ministry of Defence.

The operations, realized within the scope of the NATO programme, are to prepare the Ukrainians, using the Polish training facilities, to operate in line with the NATO standards. The courses would present some solutions that could be later implemented in the training process of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As it is stressed by Col. Sońta, similar activities will be also undertaken by other NATO member states, within the scope of the DEEP programme, aim of which is to provide support to the NATO partner nations. The project related to Ukraine additionally involves states such as the US, Canada, the UK, France, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Currently British soldiers are present in Ukraine, conducting training activities for the Armed Forces, also within the scope of defensive operations. Furthermore, a training course for the Ukrainian National Guard, managed by the US soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade, is to begin in April.