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Polish, British and US Forces Train In Ukraine

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    <p>Fot. M.Dura</p>
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    Fot. Konfederacja Lewiatan

Multinational Rapid Trident/Saber Guardian exercise began in Ukraine. The exercise involves ca. 1800 soldiers, including those coming from the armed forces of Poland, United States, or the UK.

According to the press release issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, the multinational exercise involves 1800 troops from 18 countries. The exercise covers both the command and staff area, as well as field training activities, carried out at the Yavoriv training center near Lviv.

The exercise involves 800 representatives of the Ukrainian Army, with a deployment of the US Soldiers – 500 troops, including some soldiers coming from the 173rd Airborne Brigade. The training also involves military personnel from Poland, the UK, Baltic States, Georgia, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Moldavia, Turkey, Spain and Sweden.

Most of the participants (including Germany and Turkey) limited their participation in the exercise to small groups of soldiers who are mainly taking part in the command and staff training activities. Polish Armed Forces did deploy inter alia an unit from the 25 Air Cavalry Brigade. On the other hand, the British deployed a platoon of infantry, together with the combat group commanding staff, which made it possible to take part both in the command and staff training, as well as in the field exercises.

The Rapid Trident/Saber Guardian 2015 exercise is going to last until 31st July.