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Polish "Iron Division" Deploys Spike ATGM in Training with US Airborne Forces

A picture from Spike-LR missile camera
Photo. 18th Mechanized Division/19 Mechanized Brigade

Intensive exercises have been underway last week at the training ground in Nowa Dęba to increase the interoperability between the Polish 18th Mechanized Infantry Division and the US 82nd Airborne Division, whose elements have been deployed in Poland in connection with the Russian aggression in Ukraine. As part of them, Spike-LR anti-tank missiles were fired.

The aim of the exercises at Nowa Dęba is to "practice cooperation, tactical skills and the ability to control fire in defense" as well as "increase interoperability in the field of combined fire support and airspace management."  Therefore, in Nowa Dęba they are practicing, among others, Air Forward Guidance Navigators (JTAC) supported by Su-22 aircraft.

Leopard 2A5 tanks and Rak wheeled mortars, among others, are also participating in the exercises. It was also observed, inter alia, by US Army CH-47 Chinook heavy transport helicopters. Sapper units are cooperating in the training, among others, by blowing up objects, roads and crossings, as well as conducting anti-chemical combat and battlefield medicine.

Spike anti-tank system operators and tank personnel, including those from the 1st Armored Brigade in Wesoła, armed with Leopard 2A5 (and 2PL) train intensively. Part of the training includes combat in night conditions.

(In Trzcianiec, joint training is underway of battlefield rescuers from the @Zelazna\_Dywizja (PL) and @ 82ndABNDiv (US). The "Combat Lifesaver" course prepares soldiers to carry out rescue tasks, in particular, to provide first aid until they are evacuated from the battlefield.)

Elements of the 82nd Division (one brigade with numerous support units) were deployed in south-eastern Poland in connection with the Russian aggression against Ukraine. This area is where the units of the newly formed 18th Mechanized Division are stationed, therefore it is not surprising that both formations are working to improve their cooperation.

(Another intensive training day for 1st Armored Brigade tank personnel has started in Nowa Dęba.  Before them, are fire control classes during the day and at night)