Armed Forces

Polish Military Seeks Civil Airlift Providers


2nd Regional Logistics Base announced that a procedure was initiated, in order to select a services providing company that would render international airlift services for the Polish military.

2nd Regional Logistics Base, acting as the Ordering Party, wants the aforesaid services to be rendered globally. The above does not concern the warzones. More information is going to be made available within the terms of reference and framework agreement that is going to be provided by the Ordering Party to the contractors invited to submit their offers.

The agreement is expected to have a term of validity of 7 years. What is more, the 2nd RLB informed that the estimated procurement value covered by the term of the framework agreement has been set at the level exceeding PLN 73 million. The lowest price would be the primary criterion that is going to be adopted throughout the offer selection process.

Airlift services in the international air traffic setting for the military would be the subject to the agreement, including flights involving Boeing 737, 757, 767 or equivalent airliners. The offer placing deadline has been defined as 7th March 2018, 8AM.