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Polish MoD: UCAV’s To Be Procured Via An Intergovernmental Agreement. PGZ – Leader Of The Consortium Dealing With The New Vessels For The Navy

Photo: M.Dura/
Photo: M.Dura/

Polish Ministry of Defence informed that the Czapla and Miecznik programmes are going to be realized by a consortium led by the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa [Polish Armament Group].The programmes pertaining the MALE and tactical medium range UCAV’s are going to be realized via an intergovernmental agreement.

During the press conference, MoD’s Secretary of State, Czesław Mroczek, stated that he invited the Polish Armament Group company to take part in the programme of constructing the Miecznik class coastal defence vessels and the Czapla patrol vessels yesterday (i.e. 30th June). PGZ is going to act as the leader of the consortium. The main contracting party role is going to be played by the Stocznia Marynarki Wojennej (Navy Shipyard), however, the works are also going to involve other subjects.

During the conference, information regarding the MALE UAV’s (a.k.a. Zefir) and tactical medium range UCAV’s (a.k.a. Gryf) programme was released. These initiatives are planned to be realized within an international, intergovernmental agreement procedure. It was noted that 3 offers are being considered – submitted by the US, UK and Israel. The UK offer was prepared by the Thales UK company, supported by the UK government, and it is being considered equal to an intergovernmental deal.

Recommendations within the scope of acquiring the Gryf and Zefir UAV’s are to be submitted to the Council of Ministers until the end of next week. As mentioned before, the document is going to recommend the programmes to be realized as an intergovernmental agreement.

Col. Adam Duda also stated that negotiations are being conducted, the aim of which is to procure several hundreds of the Spike-LR ATGW’s, featuring a modernized propulsion system. The contract is planned to be signed this year. The missiles are going to be utilized mainly by the Rosomak wheeled APC’s that are being currently modernized. The procurement is going to be related solely to the missiles. Acquisition of additional, portable launchers is probably not being planned.

Due to the fact that Division General Mirosław Różański became the Chief Commander of the Armed Forces, the Coordinator-Adviser position in the armament department of the Polish MoD is to be taken by General Sławomir Szczepaniak who, so far, was working as the chief of the Armament Inspectorate. The latter position is going to be taken by Col. Adam Duda.