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Polish Pilots Begin Training on Apache Helicopters

AH-64 Apache attack helicopters.
Photo. M. Mróz

Polish pilots from the 1st Army Aviation Brigade began pilot training on the AH-64 Apaches, Head of the Polish MoD, Mariusz Błaszczak announced via X (formerly: Twitter).

The training has been launched at Fort Novosel (formerly known as Fort Rucker) in Alabama. Poland has placed a request for procurement of up to 96 AH-64E helicopters. However, before that happens 8 leased AH-64D Apache Longbows would be delivered. Overall the deal would be the biggest export agreement in history, involving the Apache helicopters. Only the United States operates more (more than 800) of these aircraft - in the D variant, consistently upgraded to the E version.

As the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces stated: „Practical tasks performed in the air had been preceded by an extensive theoretical and simulator training, including elements such as pre- and post-flight checks, maneuvers, the pattern work, limited take-off power take-offs, and fixed-wing-like landings”. The launch of the flight training means that the Polish pilots have already covered a major portion of the training syllabus.

AH-64E Apache is an advanced, multi-role attack helicopter manufactured by Boeing. It is the latest version in the AH-64 Apache family, replacing the AH-64D Apache Longbow legacy variant. AH-64E has been fitted with several modern systems, that enhance its capabilities within the scope of combat, reconnaissance, and C2 domains. That includes integrated avionics, communications, and targeting systems, along with the capability to conduct operations in any weather and terrain. The AH-64E can conduct air strikes, air-to-air engagements, escort sorties, or MUM-T activities.

The aircraft has been fitted with a composite rotor set and new gearboxes, capable of transmitting power from the more powerful T-700-GE-701D engines. The helicopter also features an enhanced avionics and targeting system allowing for UAV control, and a bidirectional Link 16 datalink. The aircraft is operated by numerous users around the world, due to its advanced combat capabilities and mission adaptability. Apache is one of the best-known and recognizable attack helicopters around.