Armed Forces

Quick Procurement Of Winter Uniforms For The Polish Military? Price: PLN 50 Million

Almost 55 thousand winter uniforms (trousers and parkas) are going to be acquired, until November, by the 2nd Regional Logistics Base of the Polish Armed Forces. The initiative is a part of an accelerated public procurement procedure. This mode of procurement probably results from the fact that last year, a similar order was cancelled.

The order was divided into four batches (13000 bundles; 12098 bundles; 21500 bundles; and 8299 bundles). In total, the procurement is going to include 54987 thermally insulated uniforms, consisting of a parka with a Polartec inner jacket, acquired together with insulated trousers. The total value of the order is contained within an estimated amount of PLN 48.96 million.

The offers may be submitted until 24th July. They would be assessed within the scope of cost (weight of 90%) and delivery deadline (10%).

Due to the short term, within which the orders are to be executed, we may assume that most of the 4 tasks would be realized by companies that would act as intermediary bodies for the larger, international manufacturers.