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Simulator Training for Polish VIP Transport Aircrews

Image Credit:  R. Lesiecki
Image Credit: R. Lesiecki

1st Airlift Base in Warsaw has just announced a tender pertaining to simulator training for the aircrews of the Gulfstream G550 and Boeing 7370-800 / BBJ2-27K jets (the latter being the VIP transport version) - the tendering procedure concerns training activities for 30 pilots. The training courses, involving theoretical and simulator training concerning situations requiring particular involvement of the crews (take-offs, landings, emergency procedures) are to take place between 2021 and 2023. The deal’s estimated value is 10 million zlotys.

The tendering procedure in question was put in place on 14th April 2021 and publicized in the digital EU system 5 days later. The process pertains to simulator training of the aircrews qualified to execute VIP and HEAD flights, assigned to the 1st Airlift Base tasked, primarily, with VIP transport operations.

The fleet of aircraft utilized for that purpose currently involves W-3 Sokół and Mi-8 rotary-wing aircraft, chartered Embraer ERJ-175s (belonging to LOT Polish Airlines), and two Gulfstream G550s and a single Boeing 737-800. Delivery of another two Boeing 737-800s is expected soon, but it has been delayed by the pandemic. They would come in a specialized HEAD transport variant (BBJ2-27K - Boeing Business Jet 2). The aircraft would be fitted with countermeasures and a specialist encrypted communications suite. 9 two-man crews (for Boeing 737) and 6 two-man crews (for the G550) have been trained for those aircraft.

The tendering procedure pertains to simulator training covering the aircrew currency and training in emergency scenarios. It would be taking place between September 2021 and November 2023, in two separate sections:

The first part of the tender, with the value of PLN 3,002,618.61 (VAT excluded) covers the theoretical and simulator training for the B737-800NG/BBJ2-27K aircrews, 9 crews specifically, which adds up to 18 pilots in total. Theoretical and simulator training is to include:

  1. “Pilot Recurrent” training;
  2. “International Procedures Initial” training.

The second part, with the estimated value of 7,204,509.58 zlotys involves theoretical and simulator training for the G550 crews, for 6 crews consisting of 12 pilots in total;

  1. “Pilot Recurrent” - simulator and theoretical training;
  2. Take off execution or abort procedures (decisionmaking) - theoretical and simulator training - additional training;
  3. Aircraft kinetic energy management (speed-altitude dependency).

Entities meeting the following requirements will be allowed to participate in the tendering process: 

a) within the last 3 years before the expiration of the deadline, or, if the term of the business activities is shorter, within the term above, the bidder delivered, duly, at least:

– for part 1 - services within the scope of simulator training for the aircrews on a B737 simulator - at least 27 crews, namely 54 pilots,
- for part 2 - services within the scope of simulator training for the aircrews on a G550 simulator, 18 crews (36 pilots);

b) has, or will have at his disposal, when the order would be completed:

– for part 1 - minimum: 1 FFS B737-800 flight simulator,
– for part 2 - minimum: 1 FFS G550 flight simulator.

The bidder will execute training with the use of EASA certified training device. The certificate needs to be valid within the period covering the training dates for each of the training groups. Prior to launching of the training activities for each training group, the Contractor shall present a valid certificate covering the simulator training permit, in line with EASA requirements.  

The whole simulator training process would be covered with an amount exceeding PLN 10.2 million, excluding VAT. The deadline for submitting the offers expires on 20th May 2021.