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V4 Battle Group - Exercise [PHOTOS]

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  • 539 Assault Squadron / Fot. Crown Copyright 2014 Photographer: PO Phot Donny Osmond
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Command, staff and the mobile battalion of the Visegrad EU Battle Group completed a three day training exercise, the aim of which was to maintain their operational readiness.

According to Cpt. Janusz Błaszczak, of the press section of the 12th “Szczecinska” Mechanized Division, the monthly training session took place for the second time at the barracks of the “Blue Brigade” between 15th and 17th February. The goal of the training carried out was to maintain operational readiness of the command, staff and of the mobile battalion of the Visegrad EU Battle Group.

On Monday, soldiers who are a part of the Polish command and staff component of the Visegrad EU Battle Group were welcomed at the headquarters of the “Blue Brigade”. For three days, the staff was involved in an operational training class. The officers gained new knowledge pertaining the potential areas of operations and they also got acquainted with the current international situation. Moreover, a weapons training session took place at the Krzekowo firing range. This part of the exercise was complemented with a training session realized with the use of the Śnieżnik simulator.

The mobile (manoeuvring) battalion and the remaining elements of the Visegrad Battle Group perfected their skills in the Drawsko range. The soldiers of the 1st Mechanized Infantry Battalion, within the framework of the training which was design to maintain the combat capabilities of the element, executed, together with an American platoon, a shooting scenario during a simulated attack on a base. The joint exercise of the “Blue” Brigade Mechanized Infantry Battalion and the US Cavalry took place in the area of the Bucierz Tactical Strip. Remaining elements of the battalion and the reconnaissance units were involved in dynamic shooting exercises.

Starting from January 1st this year, the EU Visegrad Battle Group, led by the “Blue Brigade” is going remain on alert, for six subsequent months. Staff, command and the elements of the Battle Group are all involved in the joint training initiatives. The purpose of the training is to maintain the combat capabilities of the elements of the Group, in national and international settings. In June, workshop-styled event is going to be organized, summing up the 6 months readiness period.