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UK Procures a Polish Counter-UAS Solution for Ukraine

Paletized SkyCtrl SKID system loaded onto a truck.
Photo. APS

UK MoD procured a counter-UAS system for Ukraine, developed jointly by the Polish APS (Advanced Protection Systems), and British MSI Defence System companies.

The British MoD announced a new aid package for Ukraine, worth more than GBP 100 million. More than half of these assets (GBP 70 million) come from the International Fund for Ukraine, created jointly with Denmark back in 2022. Terrahawk Paladin Counter-UAS system is a part of that Fund. It was ordered from the UK MSI Defence Systems company.

SKYctrl SKID is based on a standard pallet, using soft-kill jammers, and a 30 mm MK44 Bushmaster gun (hard-kill asset).
Photo. M.Dura

MSI Defence System is a partner of the Polish APS (Advanced Protection Systems) company, while the solution discussed here has been developed jointly by both entities. SKYCtrl SKID system in a similar configuration was showcased by APS during this year«s edition of the MSPO exhibition in Kielce. A single, standard platform tailored for truck transport integrates APS«s UAS detection module with FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radars with 3D antenna arrays, prepared to detect small objects, EO sensors, Electronic Countermeasures suite, and a kinetic effector - Mk 44 Bushmaster II cannon coupled with the sensors. The latter allows the system to counter aerial threats (UAVs, helicopters) at a distance of up to 2-3 kilometres.

The whole solution is managed by a CyView C2 system developed by APS. Interestingly, MSI Defence Systems also stresses the solution can also be used to counter small watercraft.

The system will probably be used against a variety of UAVs, such as Shaded or Lanced, that are becoming an increasingly more critical threat, both for the Ukrainian soldiers, and the infrastructure located deeper, farther from the frontline. Other solutions offered by APS, designed for the detection and non-kinetic neutralization of drones (SKYCtrl) have already been proven in Ukraine. This solution is an especially interesting one, with the Bushmaster II cannon acting as the kinetic effector. The very same gun, in different variants, is also used as the primary armament of the Rosomak APC, or the future Borsuk IFV. One of the SKYCtrl system variants is already operated by the Polish military, also to protect the Patriot sites tasked with defending the skies over Warsaw.