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US Dragoons Getting Ready to Deploy to Orzysz

Image Credit: Andrzej Nitka
Image Credit: Andrzej Nitka

Elements of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment (US Army) are to take over responsibility for the US-involvement in the NATO battle group stationed in north-eastern Poland (Bemowo Piskie near Orzysz) on 20th January. These units would stay in Poland for 6 months.

2nd Cavalry Regiment also known as 2nd Dragoons is going to send a squadron-sized detachment to Poland, using the M1126 Stryker APCs, along with engineering and support elements. The US unit normally stationed in Vilseck, Germany, is sending its personnel to Poland once again, within the framework of the NATO EFP initiative.

The soldiers would replace the force, the core of which is formed by the 3rd Squadron of the 278th National Guard Regiment hailing from Pennsylvania. The above means that the core of the battalion battle group would yet again be formed by motorized elements using the Stryker vehicles, as it happened already in early 2017, when 2nd Regiment was deployed to Poland, until the National Guard took over in September 2018. 278th Regiment is a heavy unit operating the Bradley IFV or Abrams MBT.

The battle group deployed to Poland within the framework of NATO EFP also involves British, Romanian and Croatian components. The unit is subordinated to the Orzysz-based 15th Mechanized Brigade stationed close to the Suwalki gap, the only location through which the Baltic states are connected to their NATO allies.