Armed Forces

Armoured HMMWV’s Delivered To Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities have received a delivery of armoured  Humvee vehicles, within the scope of the US military support provided for Kiev.

According to the release, 10 armoured Humvee vehicles were delivered for the Ukrainian airborne units and the Security Service of Ukraine. The Americans are going to provide the Ukrainian authorities with another 20 examples of such vehicles soon.

HMMWV’s have been delivered to Ukraine via air transport operation, utilizing the USAF C-5 Galaxy cargo aircraft. Ceremony of accepting the new vehicles, which took place at the Kiev-Borispol airport, involved the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko.

The US authorities claim that they are going to deliver additional help, in a form of 200 non-armoured Humvee vehicles, safe communication systems, night vision devices and RQ-11 Raven UAV’s along with artillery radars. However, Obama’s administration has not made any decisions regarding the potential delivery of lethal weapons.