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Belgian Air Component F-16 Fighters Deployed to Poland

  • Ilustracja: Space Tech GmbH

Belgian Air Component detachment arrived at the 22nd Tactical Air Base in Malbork in order to augment the NATO Baltic Air Policing operation, and in order to refine and train skills of the pilots within the airspace of Poland – as the press release of the Polish General Command of the Armed Services informs.

The Belgian detachment is to be composed out of up to 6 F-16 fighters, several soldiers and all the needed maintenance vehicles. Shared training will make it possible for the Polish soldiers (pilots, logistics specialists, radio-technicians and other professionals) to collect new experiences and raise their qualifications.

NATO decided to reinforce the Baltic Air Policing operation in the light of the Russian activity in Ukraine. Detachment stationed in the Šiauliai AB has been augmented, while the fighters involved in the operations are currently stationed at the Estonian Amari air base and, as stated above, in Malbork.