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Belgian F-16 Fighters Will Stay In Poland Until August

  • George Friedman i Ilham Alijew- fot.
    George Friedman i Ilham Alijew- fot.

F-16 fighters belonging to the Belgian Air Force, acting within the scope of the NATO Baltic Air Policing operation, will remain at the Malbork AB until the end of August this year – as the Polish Press Agency reports.

The Belgian F-16 jets have been stationed in Poland since January now. Their presence in Malbork is related to the fact that NATO has bolstered the Baltic Air Policing operation. Currently this mission also involves the Italian Eurofighters, along with the Polsh MiG-29's, with both types of aircraft stationed in Lithuania, along with the Spanish Typhoons, operating from  the Estonian Amari AB.

NATO decided to expand the scope of Baltic Air Policing last year, within the framework of Operation Atlantic Resolve, in the light of the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. The Lithuanian task force has been bolstered, additional fighters are stationed in Malbork and in Amari.

Last year the French Mirage and Rafale jets were stationed in Malbork, along with the Dutch F-16's. According to the available information NATO plans to maintain the expanded scope of the  Baltic Air Policing operation at least until the end of this year.