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Bombs for the Polish F-16 Jets

  • Inspektorat Uzbrojenia opublikował zaproszenie do dialogu technicznego na system tworzenia Połączonego Obrazu Sytuacji Operacyjnej – fot. M. Dura

The Armament Inspectorate announced that it has begun a procurement procedure regarding 550 examples of the Mk 82 free-fall bombs for the Polish Air Force. These bomb units constitute the basic armament utilized by the F-16 C/D Block 52+ aircraft.

On 2nd December this year, the Armament Inspectorate has published information, concerning the initiation of procurement of 550 Mark 82 227 kg free fall bombs for the 31st Tactical Air Base in Krzesiny, near Poznan. These bomb units constitute the basic armament utilized by the F-16 C/D Block 52+ aircraft.

The tender has been divided into two separate tasks. The first subject of the order is related to procurement of 200 Mk 82 bomb units with FMU-152A/B (Joint Programmable Fuze) fuse systems, and all of the materials required for potential utilization of this weapon. The second task assumes that 200 examples of the bombs are delivered in 2019, while another 150 bombs are planned to be acquired in 2021. The Mk 82 bomb units are to be converted into PGMs, with the use of the relevant JDAM and Paveway conversion kits.

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The procedure is being carried out in line with the limited mode defined by the Public Procurement Law. Within this context, the number of contractors that may be involved in the tender has been limited down to 10 entities. The Armament Inspectorate will select the best offer on the basis of the price category (weight of 60%), guarantee (weight of 20%) and operational lifetime of the fuse (weight of 20%). The offer submission deadline expires on 5th January 2017.

At the moment, the Polish Air Force (2nd Tactical Aviation Wing) utilizes 48 multi-role F-16 fighter aircraft distributed across Squadrons based at Łask and Krzesiny airbases. Four Polish Jastrząb jets have been deployed abroad, in order to carry out reconnaissance activities in the Middle East, as a part of the coalition which fights against Daesh, operating from Kuwait.

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