Borsuk, Baobab and New Artillery Systems offered by HSW [Defence24 TV]

HSW presented a prototype of the new amphibious IFV at MSPO. The platform is a result of the “Borsuk” programme. The visitors could also get acquainted with new artillery assets - Rak mortar based on a tracked platform and tank destroyer based on the Krab howitzer chassis. Baobab scattered minelaying system was also being showcased.

Bartłomiej Zając speaking to Defence24 TV said that the Borsuk prototype presented in Kielce would soon undergo factory test programme with qualification tests to follow. “It is a fully functional platform, developed by the Polish engineers.”, Zając said. Borsuk is being developed by a consortium involving HSW and PGZ Group.

Borsuk has been fitted with an autonomous turret system developed jointly by HSW and WB Electronics.

Grzegorz Szydło, head of the Project Management bureau at HSW, told us that even though artillery has been the main focus of HSW for years, as Rak and Regina programmes show, the expertise of the company reaches beyond that domain. The guests could also get acquainted with the HSW’s offer for the engineering units.  

Meanwhile, Rak mortar system was also presented on a new tracked platform with a hydropneumatic suspension system. Szydło noted that the platform is a modern piece of equipment meeting the requirements defined by the ordering party. He added that thanks to the investments implemented, for instance pertaining to the barrel-manufacturing facility, not only can HSW manufacture barrels for Rak and Krab, as the company also has signed agreements with external partners, concerning delivery of barrels.