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British Military Instructors Arrive In Ukraine

35 British military instructors have been deployed in Ukraine. They are going to provide help for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, within the scope of execution of the training activities – as BBC reports.

According to the BBC reports, the British soldiers who are deployed in Ukraine are going to carry out training exercises within the scope of defensive operations and provision of the first aid. Ca. 35 representatives of the UK Armed Forces are going to remain in Ukraine for 2 months.

Deployment of the military instructors in Ukraine can be seen as realization of the claims made by the British government, including the Prime Minister, David Cameron. London authorities also provided the Ukrainian Army with military equipment, including helmets or night-vision devices. However, no decisions have been made to provide the Ukrainians with lethal weaponry. Nevertheless, the British authorities do consider such option, should the Ukrainian conflict be a subject of further escalation.

US and Polish authorities have also made declarations, regarding provision of help for the Ukrainians, within the scope of conducting the training exercises. According to US Army Commander in Europe, General  Ben Hodges, the US military was to suspend the training programme due to the fact that there was some hope that the conflict would be resolved with diplomacy. However, according to the presss release issued by the Ukrainian Preident, President Obama decided to train 780 members of the Ukrainian National Guard in the nearest future.