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Bryza Patrol Aircraft Receives New Propulsion System

One of the Polish M28-Bryza 1R’s, which is a patrol/reconnaissance aircraft has been modernized and returned to the 44th Siemirowice Naval Aviation Base. The airplane has received new engines and paint scheme.

The M28 Bryza 1R (An-28B1R) plane, with a bort number “1022 black” came back to its base of origin after a modernization, which is similar in its scope to modernization carried out in case of the eco-monitoring An-28E examplees. Old TWD-10B engines, with three-bladed AW-24N propellers have been replaced with new PZL-10S powerplants, featuring new, five-blade propellers made by the Hartzell Propeller company.

The aircraft has been fitted with a central fuel filling unit and a TACAN navigation system. However, the paint scheme change is most noticeable here – Bryza “1022 black” received a standard, naval, grey paint scheme. 

The Bryza in question has been used by the Polish Navy since October 1994, as the first example of series production. Up until now the aircraft has spent 2500 hours in the air. It was also the first An-28B1R which had undergone the modernization works. Another two aircraft, which have been used since 1999, are going to undergo a similar modernization programme.

An-28B1R patrol-reconnaisance aircraft is fitted with ARS-400 maritime radars and ŁS-10 data transmission system.  The Bryza also features a CHELTON system, which is used to track emergency radio signals. The equipment is complemented with a rescue raft. Crew consists of two pilots, flight engineer and, depending on the needs, two or three operators of the on-board systems. 7 such aircraft are stationed at the 44th Naval Aviation Base in  Siemirowice.