Bulgarian MiG-29 Engines On Their Way To Poland. Sofia Ratified The Agreement

Bulgarian parliament ratified the agreement, the aim of which is to carry out engine overhauls, regarding six engines for the MiG-29 jets. The initial examples are to be received in Poland within 20 days, while, until the end of December, two engines provided by the Polish Air Force, are going to be transferred to Bulgaria, so that the operational capabilities of the Bulgarian fighters are maintained.

Despite the objections on the part of the proponents of prolonged cooperation with the Russian MiG company, on 27th November, the Bulgarian parliament ratified an agreement concluded on 22nd October in Warsaw, by the Polish and Bulgarian Ministers of Defence.

The above refers to support, provided by the Polish facilities, for the process of modernization of the MiG-29 jets operated by the Bulgarian Air Force. These works would be executed by the Bydgoszcz based WZL-2 (specializing in airframes) and Warsaw based WZL-4 (having capacity to overhaul the RD-33 engines used by the MiG-29 fighter jets) facilities, under the supervision of the Polish Air Force and the Air Force Institute of Technology.

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The first, and the most burning issue related to this agreement is the process of carrying out the overhauls of the RD-33 jet engines for the Bulgarian jet fighters. The initial two examples, within 30 days from the moment when the agreement was ratified, are to be delivered to WZL-4. The overhauls are to be realized in 7 months. Another 2 engines are to be refurbished within 11 months. For the purposes of maintaining the operational capabilities of the Bulgarian aircraft, until the end of this year Sofia is going to receive two RD-33 engines, provided by the Polish Air Force. All engines are going to be covered with 2 years guarantee. The value of the overhauls pertaining the Bulgarian engines has been estimated as little over EUR 1 million. This price is significantly lower than the price proposed by the Russians.