Canadian Robots Support The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operations in Ukraine. Donbas Fights Continue.

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The Ukrainian authorities have provided the Ukrainian Army with some relevant equipment required for demining operations, including bomb disposal suits and robots. The “Separatists” are still shelling the positions taken by the Ukrainian armed forces in Donbas.   

According to the release issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, the Canadians have provided the Ukrainians with three Foster-Miller Talon bomb disposal robots, along with 15 EOD-9 suits for the bomb disposal specialists. The package is complemented with three telescopic manipulators. The aforesaid equipment is to be used for bomb disposal tasks, within the counter-terrorism operation area, in Ukraine.
The equipment has been transferred during a ceremony that finalized the Explosive Ordnance Disposal course for the Ukrainians, organized by the Canadian specialists.

Not only does Ottawa provide support for Ukraine by delivering equipment, as the Canadian Forces are also deeply involved in the process of organizing training sessions for the Ukrainian troops. In this case, the equipment is to support the operations, the aim of which is to raise the level of safety for the Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. It is worth to add the fact that the Canadian Prime Ministers declared that Canada is going to continue its support for the Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, in Donbas, the attacks against the Ukrainian Army continue. The separatists use small arms, 82 mm mortars or the infantry fighting vehicles. For example, according to the announcement issued by the Ministry of Defence on Saturday, 28th November, the counter-terrorist units have been shelled 10 times, also in the regions of Avdiyivka or Marinka. The attacks, with the use of 82 mm mortars, were also executed at night between Saturday and Sunday. 

However, the intensity of the attacks seems to be decreased, in comparison with mid-November, when the pro-Russian forces were also using heavier weaponry, such as the Grad rocket launchers or 120 mm mortars. Kiev is still under pressure of the armed operations which - in an obvious way, make it harder to carry out the reforms and improve the condition of the industry in Ukraine.