Armed Forces

Ceasefire In Donbass – Only For Kiev?

Terrorist forces in Ukraine have, theoretically, completed the operation of withdrawal of the heavy vehicles and weapons from the “border lines” in the Donbass region. On Sunday, 1st March, OSCE confirmed that 6 columns of vehicles, along with with heavy weapons, had been withdrawn. This does not mean that fights have come to an end. 

Besides the official terrorist actions, a regrouping operation is taking place in the South. At least 20 tanks have been spotted in the Novoazovsk area, fortifications are being created along the route to Mariupol. According to Dmytro Tymchuk, the “Russian-Terrorist” forces which have been gathered near Novoazovsk, consist of 550-600 mercenaries and Russian soldiers and have 20 tanks, 33 APC’s, 28 artillery batteries and 16 rocket launchers at their disposal. Moreover, formations, platoons and companies, which may be treated as “light infantry” of the coastal tactical groups, are gathered nearby.

Shelling and attacks are still taking place as well. In the area between Krasnohorivka, to the South West from Gorlovka, armed operations are conducted, aim of which is to push the Ukrainian Army further west, according to Tymchuk’s statement made on Monday, 2nd March. According to Tymchuk, aim of the shelling is to provoke the Ukrainians not to act in line with the Minsk memorandums. Donetsk area is the place where the Russian-supported rebels are most active. During the weekend, in the Debaltseve area, two 120 mm mortar strikes were conducted, and the Ukrainian soldiers were the main target here.

Russia plans to send another three “humanitarian” convoys to Donbass in March. Up until now, starting from summer last year, the Russians have organized 16 of these operations. The last one entered Ukraine on 27th February.