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Chief of NSB: “We are open to sell armament to Ukraine”

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Chief of the Polish National Security Bureau, prof. Stanisław Koziej, has stated in his interview for the Polish State Radio [Polskie Radio] that the Polish authorities are open to sell weapons to Ukraine. He stressed that there are ongoing talks between the Ministries of Defence of both countries, regarding the conditions of the transactions.

In his statement for the “News from the country and from around the world” [Z kraju i ze świata] Polish Radio [Polskie Radio] broadcast Koziej stated that the Polish authorities are fully open to sell armament to Ukraine, granting  “good conditions of the deal”. He also stated that currently Ministries of Defence of Poland and Ukraine are in the process of negotiating the sale of the equipment which is being manufactured by the Polish companies.

Here and now, we are fully open to sell any armament manufactured by the Polish Industry to Ukraine

Chief of the National Security Bureau, Stanisław Koziej

Similar statements have been made earlier by, among other persons, Minister of Defence Siemoniak, who has claimed that Poland is “open” to sell arms to Ukraine. Up until now we know only about the deal, through which the Ukrainians received helmets and bulletproof vests manufactured by the Polish Maskpol company. The equipment above is being used by the National  Guard.

During the NATO summit, which took place in Newport, no decision has been made referring provision of military help for Ukraine in a form of lethal weaponry,  nevertheless each of the member states may individually make decisions within that respect. Just recently, the European Parliament adopted a resolution, according to which there are “no obstacles”, should defensive armament be supplied to Ukraine.

During his interview in the Polish Radio, head of the National Security Bureau also discussed the process of implementing the Newport Summit provisions. He stated that Poland will be probably a place,  where heavy duty equipment for the units, which are the part of NATO reassurance programme, is to be deployed.