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Czech Instructor Pilots In Iraq. Training Programme For The Attack Aircraft Crews.

Government of the Czech Republic has approved a deployment of 35 military experts to Iraq. Their job is going to be related to provision of training for the Iraqi Air Force ground crews and pilots, within the scope of the operational applications of the L-159 attack and training aircraft. As it was stressed by the Czech Defence Minister, Martin Stropnický, the mission may be viewed as “Czech contribution to the Inherent Resolve operation against Daesh”.

Decision to approve the operations which are to be undertaken by the Iraq detachment was made during the governmental meeting on 30th March. The group to be deployed to Iraq consists of 35 persons. It is going to start its operational activity beginning from June. Deployment is expected to last until 31st December 2018.

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The goal of deployment is to provide instruction support for the Iraqi Air Force pilots, technical staff and other experts, within a wide scope of activities related to the operational use of the combat aircraft, with a particular emphasis placed on implementation and support for the L-159 airframes.

On the basis of the agreement signed with the Czech Aero Vodochody company, the value of which is defined as more than 40 million dollars, 15 jets are going to be delivered to Iraq (10 single-seaters - L159A, and two twin-seaters - L159B), along with three additional airframes which would be acting as a spare parts supply. The deliveries have begun in November 2015, and they are going to last for two years.