Czech Military Procures 1,200 Offroad Vehicles

Image Credit: GLOMEX MS
Image Credit: GLOMEX MS

GLOMEX Military Supplies has won the unlimited tender organized by the Czech Ministry of Defence, concerning multi-role offroad vehicles that are to become a part of the Czech military inventory. The GLOMEX’s proposal was the best one, among 10 bids placed.

Over the upcoming five years, GLOMEX MS would deliver 1,200 modified Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks. These vehicles are going to gradually replace the obsolete UAZ 463 and Land Rover Defender offroaders. Toyota Hilux vehicles that are to be delivered by GLOMEX Military Supplies would be fitted with a 110 kW/150 HP diesel engine. The order concerns the latest five-passenger Double Cab variant introduced into the Toyota’s line-up in mid-2020.

The results of the tender have been announced on 5th November, during a press conference at the Czech MoD. This has been the second major success that GLOMEX Military Supplies had recently, in military-spec offroad vehicle tenders. GLOMEX MS Polska has won the tendering announced by the 2nd Regional Logistical Base in Warsaw, Poland. The company would be delivering six hundred modified Ford Ranger XLT vehicles. These cars are currently being certified (with homologation certificates). They are receiving custom-made hard-tops, hooks, run-flat inserts on the rims, anti-skid chains and AT tyres that offer better traction and longer lifetime, on tarmac and offroad.