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Błaszczak: Poland to Transfer T-72 Main Battle Tanks and IFVs to Ukraine

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Head of the Polish MoD, Mariusz Błaszczak announced that Poland would transfer further T-72 main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. In the latter case, the Minister probably referred to the BWP-1 platform - the sole vehicle of this class operated by the Polish Armed Forces.

Poland, within the framework of the next military aid package for Ukraine, would transfer further T-72M/M1/M1R main battle tanks (probably a large part of remaining fleet, after approx. 240 to 260 were donated previously), and BWP-1 infantry fighting vehicles.

The statements made by the head of the Polish Ministry of Defence suggest that the current package may include a mechanized brigade-sized quantity of equipment, which would translate into 30-40 T-72 main battle tanks, and 80-100 BWP-1 IFVs. The Tallinn Declaration mentioned a transfer of 42 BWP-1 vehicles, and the provision of training for two mechanized battalions. This may be a part of the aid package that is being delivered.

Photo. P. Kamiński (