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Main Battle Tanks, Rotary-wing Aircraft, And Beyond. What Is the Polish Ministry of Defence Going to Procure This Year?

Photo. St.sierż. Piotr Gubernat/NATO Allied Air Command

Deputy Prime Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, during his speech at the Sejm, presented a plan for Polish defence procurement, which is still to be implemented by the end of this year. It includes several key procurement and upgrade contracts, regarding military equipment.


The planned contracts and agreements have been listed below:

  • AH-64 Apache attack helicopters
  • Multi-role and support helicopters
  • F-16 MLU
  • K2 main battle tanks along with munitions
  • Pilica+ AAA/SAM systems
  • Unmanned reconnaissance and strike systems
  • Satellite terminals
  • Light reconnaissance vehicles, within the KLESZCZ programme
  • Personal and backpack-format radios

Kosiniak-Kamysz stressed that the investments would only be part of a broad plan to modernize the Polish Armed Forces, which aims to increase defence capabilities, strengthen Poland’s position in NATO and improve national security. According to information provided by the Minister of Defence, currently, 40% of expenditure is directed to the Polish defence industry.

“Our ambition and political commitment is that 50% of the Armed Forces modernization expenditure should happen at the Polish defence industry businesses, both public and private, and in facilities located on the territory of the Republic of Poland’. - declared the Deputy Prime Minister.

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However, two long-awaited contracts are missing from the plans for the coming year given by the head of the Ministry of Defence: the purchase of submarines under the Orka programme and Borsuk infantry fighting vehicles. Both Agreements bear key relevance for further strengthening of Poland’s defensive capabilities. However, just because they are not listed does not mean that they will not be concluded (especially the Borsuk procurement, as the vehicle went through the technical part of the test programme in April), because the Minister spoke of an open catalogue of contracts.

Ministry of Defence intends to sign approximately 150 procurement contracts this year.