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PGNiG Examines Options Of Cooperation Involving Iran

“A special workgroup has been established at the Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo company [PGNiG, literally: Polish Petroleum and Gas Mining], in order to examine the prospects of cooperation with Iran” - as it was stated by the Vice-President of the Company, Zbigniew Skrzypkiewicz. Most probably, the above refers to an option of getting the leader of the Polish market involved in the works carried out within the Lavan island oil-fields, in the light of the fact that Western sanctions imposed on Tehran were lifted.

IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) outlet announced, on 6th May this year, that intensive Polish-Iran negotiations have been going on for quite some time. The talks reportedly covered the crude oil supply from Iran to Poland. The release did not refer to any specifics. We know that 70-person delegation included representatives of the most prominent Polish companies. It was also speculated that the Iranian fuel would be delivered, via a sea route, to the Gdansk terminal, in order to provide resources for the local Lotos facility (and other petrochemical facilities in Poland).

On 10th May, one of the Azeri media outlets – Trend – published information, according to which a memorandum was signed between PGNiG and Iran National Oil Company. The parties expressed their will to cooperate within the area of an oil-field around the Lavan islands, located in the Persian Gulf. The Azeri outlet received that information from manager of the Polish company, Bogusław Sozański, one of the officials who were delegated to Iran.

On 14th August, according to the Polish Press Agency, vice-president of PGNiG, Zbigniew Skrzypkiewicz, confirmed that a special team, embedded within the company’s structure, is carrying out research related to the chances of cooperation with Iran. The work-group includes the persons who had managed the Iranian operations of the company prior to introduction of the Western sanctions.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, Janusz Piechociński, announced that he is going to visit Iran, together with representatives of the Polish business.