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Polish PM Tusk in Kyiv: You Will Not Be Left Alone!

Tusk and Zełensky in Kiev.
Tusk and Zełensky in Kiev.
Photo. Polish PM's Office

You will not be left alone, for sure - PM Donald Tusk addressed the Ukrainians, visiting Kyiv. He said that Paweł Kowal would be appointed the Plenipotentiary for the Recovery of Ukraine, at the Polish government. Tusk also announced that joint investments shall be expected, in weapons and munitions manufacturing.


“This could not be any other capital city, this had to be Kyiv - the first capital city that I visit after the Polish election”, Tusk said when giving a joint statement to the media, alongside President Volodymyr Zelsnsky. Turk visited Brussels immediately after the beginning of the term of office, but he was attending the EU-Western Balkans summit there. “You will not be left alone, for sure”, he declared. “There is no matter more important than supporting Ukraine in its war effort against the Russian aggression. This is absolutely the number one issue”, Tusk said. The Polish PM also met his Ukrainian counterpart, Denis Shmykhal.


The PM, recalling his first meeting with Zelensky soon after a part of the Ukrainian territory was annexed by Russia, said the following: “No politician with higher credibility exists, working for peace than President Zelensky”, who “leads the nation believing in peace, but leading the fight when the peace was canceled by the Russian aggressor”.

“I repeat it everywhere, all around the world, to make all leaders, and all nations understand that here, in Ukraine, the fate of the free world is at stake”, Tusk said. “It is here, in Ukraine, where the global front between the good, and the evil, is located. When speaking about the Russian aggression against Ukraine, we cannot unsee the fact that we are dealing with a black-and-white situation, without any space for symmetry”, he said.


Tusk stated that good fights evil in Ukraine in a moral, and political sense of that, since Ukraine carries the burden of European security now, and pays in blood for the beliefs that form the foundation of the free world.

“President Zelensky is aware of the fact that a variety of emotions or political conflicts appear in Poland, but no doubts emerge when it comes to one matter – Ukraine needs to be supported with all means accessible, in its fight against Russia, since the Polish national and state security are at stake here. When saying that Poland will still do all in its power to give Ukraine a greater chance of winning, we do it due to the reasons stemming from the moral foundation, but also taking care of the interest of our own”, he admitted.

He assured that he would be doing everything that it takes to support Ukraine on the EU forum, in all aspects of the accession proceedings.

The PM pointed out that Poland is joining the G7 declaration (France, Japan, Canada, Germany, the UK, and Italy) - stating, that during last year’s NATO summit in Vilnius, they would provide Ukraine with long-term support, on its way towards NATO membership. The declaration is aimed at mobilizing democratic states to support Ukraine.

Tusk said that Paweł Kowal would be appointed the Plenipotentiary for the Recovery of Ukraine, at the Polish government. Kowal accompanied Tusk in Kiev. He is a KO MP, a Political Scientist, and an expert in Eastern policy.

”We will be finalizing talks on joint investment in arms and munitions manufacturing rapidly. Every country in Europe, Europe, and the West as a whole, must face the challenge created by Russia”, he said. He added that Russia must not have an advantage when it comes to munitions and weapons.

Tusk announced that joint undertakings for manufacturing weapons and munitions in Poland, and Ukraine would be launched and that both parties would gain business benefits from that. The Polish PM suggested Poland would be supporting Ukraine with military equipment, whereas, the search for financing would be done jointly, without avoidance of commercial principles.

Zelensky admitted that Poland could grant a loan, regarding the procurement made at the Polish defence industry entities.

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Tusk assured that the talks led to a mutual understanding of the border situation, with the President and his ministers confirming the intent to jointly resolve problems such as the transport of grain, and the border being blocked by transport companies. “Possibly, international institutions may be needed for that. It is sometimes easier to find a solution among friends”, he said.

PM stated that both nations would, adopting “mutual delicacy”, engage in a dialogue on historical issues, including the matter of the exhumation of the Polish victims murdered by the Ukrainian nationalists. Tusk noted that the “dramatic history” shall not overshadow the mutual interests and that no “secure Poland and Europe exist, without independent Ukraine”. Zelensky also highlighted the fact that Tusk has chosen Kyiv as the first destination of a foreign visit, outside the EU.

He stressed the relevance of Ukrainians being united, in their fight and defence of independence, when countering the Russian aggressor. The Ukrainian leader referred to Poland, naming Poles the biggest ally of Ukraine. He stated that freedom may only be retained when jointly protected. Zelensky noted that the ongoing differences that can be settled at the government level shall not be detrimental to the solidarity established between the two nations.

The Ukrainian official declared the intent to expand the infrastructure that would contribute to the Polish and Ukrainian energy independence.

Zelensky said that it may be a valid course of action to establish an international consulting group that would deal with supporting the EU accession process.