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President of Poland Assumed Honorary Patronage over Defence24 DAY

Photo. Katarzyna Głowacka/

Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland, has assumed honorary patronage over fifth edition of the Defence24 DAY, the largest Defence and Security Sector Conference in Central and Eastern Europe. The event will take place on the 24th and 25th of May 2023. It will be the fifth time when the top military commanders, politicians, and experts are getting together to discuss key matters relevant to the domain of Polish and European defence and security.

The strategic dimension of national defence, in a domestic and international context, would be the key theme for the 5th edition of the Defence24 DAY event. We expect the conference to gather 2,500 participants. More than 300 panellists would be discussing the war in Ukraine, the modernization challenges the Polish Armed Forces are facing and NATO Strategic Adaptation, as well as the issue of establishing national resilience. This would be happening during 60 panels and presentations.

The guest list will include top decision-makers, high-ranking Armed Forces servicemembers, experts, and representatives of the defence industry - coming from Poland, Central and Eastern Europe, NATO, Allies and Strategic Partners of Poland, including the United States, or the Republic of Korea. This year's event is scheduled to happen on the 24th and 25th of May in Warsaw, at PGE Narodowy Stadium. Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland, has assumed honorary patronage over the event.

Defence24 DAY is a leading Central and Eastern European conference focused on defence and security including the defence policy, and defence industry. As it is taking place for the fifth time, it has become a forum of relevant dialogue between the key stakeholders from Poland and abroad, representing the, Polish Armed Forces, Allies and Partners.

Not only has the unprecedented context of the full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine changed the tempo at which the Polish Armed Forces are modernized, but it has effectively reshaped the European and global defence and security architecture. Ensuring the national security and effective defence has become a major challenge that Poland, and Europe, as a whole, are facing once again. This would be the main theme of the upcoming Defence24 DAY conference, during which numerous panels, meetings, debates, and presentations will refer to the implementation of strategic plans adopted in the wake of the war, during the NATO summit in Madrid, as well as to the current context surrounding the Russian aggression.

Leading companies and manufacturers engaged in the defence and security domain have already declared their will to participate in the event. This means that the conference attendants would get an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technology and solutions in the defence and security sector, getting access to information provided by representatives of the global industry leaders.

The selection of panellists and guests, including decision-makers, members of the military, and experts, would create a unique forum for exchanging views and presenting stances. The guest list also includes soldiers who would be presenting lessons learned during the war in Ukraine. Defence24 DAY has become an international event, with numerous representatives of the NATO member states, Central and Eastern European countries, and defence industry representatives from all over the globe. This year it is being highlighted in the new name of conference Defence24 DAY - European Defence Days. All of the above factors have a major impact on the high profile of the Defence24 DAY that has become one of the leading events for the defence and security sector in Europe.

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