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Warsaw Security Forum Starts Tomorrow

Annual Warsaw Security Forum 2014 event is to take place on 20th-21st November. It is an international conference organised by Kazimierz Pułaski Foundation and National Defence Academy. Honorary patronage over the forum has been taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The conference will be transmitted online in Polish and English by and Media support is being offered by

Issues related to the international security are the main topic of the conference, above all in its military, but also in its economic and energy-related dimensions. The discussion is to cover the situation in the Mid-Eastern Europe, along with the relationship between the European Union, NATO and Russia. The event will be attended by Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ministers of Defence, as well as security advisers of the Presidents of the EU Member States, along with experts and representatives of the academia.

Forum will be started from a discussion of high level representatives of the EU member states responsible for the safety issues. This panel is to be started by the Polish President, Prezydent Bronisław Komorowski. Session is co-organised by the National Security Bureau, which is a strategic partner for the Forum.

During the event problems related to future of the NATO alliance and transatlantic relations, cyber-security, anti-terrorism, immigration, Eurozone crisis and EU energy policy are going to be covered. Additionally, the Ukrainian crisis is to be thoroughly analysed, along with a situation of the EU states, which are placed at the borders. The discussion is aimed at developing an effective policy of the EU and NATO, which would be applied in the face of potential and current threats.

During the conference the floor will be taken  by inter alia: ex-Minister of Foreign affairs,  co-head of the Polish-Russian Crisis Group, Daniel Rotfeld, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Boris Tarashuk, prof. Norman Davies of The British Academy, prof. Andrew Michta of the Washington Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Paweł Świeboda, chief of demosEUROPA, and many other experts within the field of security.

The aim of Warsaw Security Forum is to create a place where experts and politicians dealing with the national security may meet and carry out proper discussion. Secondary aim is to promote Poland as a partner, who is shaping the security policy in the region and who is also contributing to the global outlook of the international security. Forum may also be treated as an attempt of creating a space for dialogue and international trust,  where presentation and discussion over the new projects of changes in the Polish defence and security policy may take place. In its basic assumption, Warsaw Security Forum is to be organized in a cyclic mode – another two editions have been already planned.

Institutional Partners of the Warsaw Security Forum include: Amicus Europae, demosEUROPA, European Academy of Diplomacy, Jagello 2000, The German Marshall Fund, Freedom Institute, Polish Institute of the Economic Thought and Polish Institute of the International Affairs. Media support of the event is provided by: Polish Press Agency, Rzeczpospolita, Polish State Radio, TVN24 Biznes i Świat, Nowoczesna Armia, Defence24, Polska Zbrojna and The Warsaw Voice. You will be able to find reports from the conference, both in Polish and English on and websites.