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Defence24 DAY: Armament Agency and Future of the Polish Defence and Security [SUMMARY]

Image Credit: KreatywMedia/
Image Credit: KreatywMedia/

The Defence24 DAY has created a unique opportunity for the decisionmakers, experts, and industry representatives to meet up. Mariusz Błaszczak announced the establishment of the Armament Agency, over the course of this edition of the conference. The entity is expected to be founded within the framework of the defence procurement system reform in Poland.

Defence24 Day is one of the leading defence and security conferences organized in Poland focusing on the strategic aspects of national defence in the domestic and international dimensions. The second edition of the conference took place on 22nd September this year. It involved more than 400 attendants The main theme concerned the reform of the defence procurement system used by the Polish Armed Forces.

The assumptions of the reform involving the establishment of the Armament Agency that would fuse the know-how of numerous entities responsible for the procurement process have all been outlined during the opening speech by Mariusz Błaszczak, head of the Polish Ministry of Defence. The event also involved the head of the National Security Bureau, Paweł Solochand the Secretary of State at the Ministry of State Assets, Maciej Małecki. 

I hope that the scope of topics covered throughout the conference and involvement in all panels and sessions would help us all, decision-makers in particular, in better comprehension and more effective creation of the security ecosystem, said Piotr Małecki, President of the Management Board at Defence24, during the opening of the event.

The Armament Agency and the details of the procurement system reform were among the primary topics discussed during the panels involving the representatives of the MoD and the Ministry of State Assets, as well as the Armed Forces, defence industry, and other experts.

During Defence24 Day, other matters related to defence and security were discussed as well. Priority modernization undertakings, pursued by the Polish military, have also been scrutinized, concerning the capacity of the Polish industry and the Polish Armed Forces’ recruitment system, along with the process of establishment of a common defence, cyber-security, critical infrastructure protection, and simulation use system. 13 discussion panels took place in total, involving 75 panelists. The event involved more than 400 attendants, experts, and people representing the Armed Forces, the governments. 20 partners supported the event as well.

– Thank you for the trust that you put in us daily. is the largest defence-sector outlet in Europe. The Defence24 group is visited by up to 150 thousand readers, daily, said Małecki, President of the Management Board Defence24.

The conference was supported by the Head of the MoD, Deputy PM and Minister of State Assets - Jacek Sasin, Head of the National Security Bureau and National Centre for Cyberspace Security. 

The participants included:

  • Sebastian Chwałek, Secretary of State at the Polish MoD;
  • General Jarosław Mika, General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces;
  • Lieutenant General, Tomasz Piotrowski, Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces;
  • Major General Dariusz Ryczkowski, Head of the Armed Forces’ Support Inspectorate;
  • Major General Wiesław Kukuła, Commander of the Territorial Defence Component;
  • Major General Jarosław Gromadziński, Commander of the 18th Mechanized Division;
  • Major General Stanisław Czosnek, Deputy Commander of the Polish Armed Forces;
  • Brig. General Karol Molenda, Director at the National Cyberspace Security Center, Polish Ministry of Defence Plenipotentiary for Establishing the Cyberspace Defence Forces;
  • Brig. General Artur Dębczak, Plenipotentiary for implementation of a Polish Armed Forces’ recruitment system;
  • The commander of the Special Operations component, Brig. general Sławomir Drumowicz PhD Eng.;
  • Highly ranked officers of the Polish military;
  • Representatives of the state administration;
  • Representatives of the industry and R&D centres;
  • Experts.
Image: Katarzyna Głowacka/
Image: Katarzyna Głowacka/