Deliveries Of The Simulators For The Drivers Of The Polish Rosomak APC

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  • ilustracja: Raytheon
    ilustracja: Raytheon

Rosomak S.A. company announced that the initial lot of the “Jaskier” Rosomak APC simulators has been delivered for the Polish Army. The purpose of the systems is to train the Rosomak APC drivers.

Rosomak S.A. company announced that the initial “Jaskier” Rosomak APC simulators have been delivered for the Polish Army. According to the agreement concluded with the Armament Inspectorate back in 2015, the final user is going to receive – in total – nine examples of the Jaskier simulators. The manufacturer has already delivered and set up the initial four examples of the system. Two simulators have been delivered to the Poznan Land Forces Training Centre, one has been received by the Wrocław Military Academy of the Land Forces, and the last example has been provided to the 12th Mechanized Brigade, from Stettin.

Rosomak APC simulator consists of a cockpit, replicating the interior of the vehicle, placed on a moving platform which fully simulates the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle movement. The training device also makes it possible to simulate emergency simulations – according to the declarations made by the producer, this enables the user to train the future drivers fully, within a wide variety of aspects.

The supplies of the Jaskier simulators are being realized by a consortium, composed out of Rosomak S.A and Autocomp Management companies. The deliveries are to be finalized until 2017.