Armed Forces

Deputy Prime Minister visits exercise "RYŚ-14"

On Thursday, November 20th, Minister of National Defence Tomasz Siemoniak met with Polish and British soldiers who are participating in joint field training codenamed „RYŚ-14” in 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade in Świętoszów.

Polish soldiers have opportunity to train with the best in the world - the British and Americans, they have an ocassion to learn and to exchange experiences - said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defence Tomasz Siemoniak during meeting with soldiers.

Common training of British troops with soldiers of 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade codenamed „Black Eagle-14” in training objects in Świętoszów has been going on for about a month. The culmination point of the exercise is tactical live exercise codenamed "RYŚ-14". It is carried out from 17th to 21st November. Over 2200 soldiers including almost 900 British soldiers participate in it.

British soldiers will stay in Poland till mid-December 2014. They are from 3rd Armoured Division. Most of the soldiers participating in the exercise are from 12th Armoured-Mechanised Brigade. Poland is represented by about 1000 soldiers, in majority from 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade from Świętoszów. The main training group consists of soldiers from 1st Tank Battallion, training at Leopard 2A4 tanks.