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DSEI 2015: Turkish Initiative Related To The Polish Homar Programme.

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Turkish Roketsan company announced that it has submitted an offer in the WR-300 Homar programme tender. The offer is based on a new ballistic missile, co-developed with the Turkish Army. The range of the weapon exceeds 300 kilometres. No detailed data pertaining the missile is available, since the programme was being realized in strict secrecy. 

Representatives of the Roketsan company attending the London DSEI 2015 exhibition claimed, in an interview for, that the detailed data related to the offered system has already been provided to the HSW company responsible for realizing the WR-300 Homar programme, on behalf of the Polish industry. The system specification is secret, it is going to be provided to the Polish Ministry of Defence solely as a part of the Homar programme offer. 

According to the information obtained by us, the proposed system is fitted with an INS/GPS guidance system. As the representatives of the Roketsan company claim, the weapon, range-wise, meets the requirements of the Homar programme, and this is realized with a single missile type. However, should a need arise, there is an option of integrating long range missiles, along with a lighter multiple-rocket launcher, on a single platform. Roketsan offers T107, T122 and T300 multiple rocket launch systems, with calibres of 107, 122 and 300 mm respectively. 

The missile which is offered for Poland is currently going through a test programme executed by the Turkish Armed Forces. The newly developed missile is going to be a successor for the J-600T Yildırim weapon which has been manufactured since 1998. In the recent years some information emerged, suggesting that development works pertaining these missiles are being executed, however the Turks did not comment on these rumours so far. By submitting an offer for Poland, Roketsan confirmed the readiness of the system to be delivered for Turkish and, potentially, Poland, should these missiles be selected in the Homar programme tender.