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Dutch Fighting Vehicles Arrive In Estonia

14 CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles along with 100 examples of other equipment of the Dutch 43rd Mechanized Brigade have reached the Estonian Paldiski port. On 24th February the above-mentioned unit is to take part in the Narva parade, which is organized on the occasion of the Estonian independence day. The soldiers will also start to train the Estonian Army within the scope of using the CV90 IFVs, which are soon to be employed by the Estonian land forces. 

Procurement of 44 Dutch CV90 APC’s is the largest Estonian defence investment since the Country has regained its independence. The Agreement has been signed in December last year, and the value of the deal is estimated at the level of EUR 113 million. Besides 44 examples of the CV9035NL APC’s armed with 35 mm cannons, the Estonians have also acquired technical support vehicles, based on the Leopard 1 tank chassis.

Exactly this type of vehicles has just been deployed to Estonia – they soon will be joined by ca. 250 Dutch soldiers. One of the tasks they will perform is presentation of the capabilities of the newly acquired equipment, which will make it possible to start a relevant training programme. The Dutch will also be involved in the winter exercise, along with the representatives of the Estonian and the US Armed Forces. Large firing range training taking place on 13th February is to be a peak point of these operations. On 24th February the unit is to take part in the Narva parade, which is organized on the Estonian independence day.