Eurosatory 2016: Rak Mortar from Stalowa Wola

Polish Rak self-propelled mortar is being showcased during the Eurosatory 2016 event. The system is being manufactured by Huta Stalowa Wola [Stalowa Wola Ironworks].

Rak self-propelled mortar, based on the Rosomak wheeled APC, is being presented during the Paris event. In late April, Huta Stalowa Wola received a contract, concerning procurement of 64 vehicles of this type, along with 32 command variant platforms, for the Polish Army. The value of the deal is defined as PLN 968.3 million. The vehicles are going to be received by the end user by 2019.

The demonstration at Eurosatory, within the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa’s booth, is to bring the HSW mortars closer to the potential export user. Representatives of the HSW company have declared that they are ready to integrate the mortar with any carrier which has a proper specification – here e.g. the Piranha APC was also mentioned. During the 2013 MSPO event, the system was based on the Marder IFV, however the current version is going to enter the series production. 

We know though that Stalowa Wola facility has received three requests regarding the Rak mortar offer, from the potential export users. Besides that, HSW is also officially involved in a tender pertaining to procurement of self-propelled howitzers in Denmark, offering the Krab system.