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First JLTV Vehicles To Be Procured - USD 250 Million Deal. “Polish Communications Suite”

  • Platformy wiertnicze firmy Nexen na Morzu Północnym - fot. Nexen
    Platformy wiertnicze firmy Nexen na Morzu Północnym - fot. Nexen

US Department of Defense announced that amount of almost 250 million dollars will be paid to the Oshkosh Defense company, within the scope of the amendments made to the agreement pertaining the JLTV platform procurement process.

The Pentagon announced that a sum of more than 243 million dollars is going to be allocated to the amendment procedures, pertaining the contract signed with the Oshkosh Defense company. The amended agreement covers the procurement of 657 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, along with 25 trailers, 2977 additional packages and a year long support package, including assistance within the scope of testing, engineering and logistics.

The information, according to which the aforementioned amount is going to be paid to the manufacturer, constitutes a formal confirmation of the fact that the funds that had been planned to be spent earlier, are going to be transferred. The sum in question is included in the general, maximum quantity of money defined by the contract. Ultimately, the value of the agreement is going to be defined as ca. 6.7 billion dollars. JLTV vehicles are equipped with the wireless Fonet crew communications and data transfer suite, designed by the Polish WB Electronics company, license-manufactured in the United States.

The manufacturing process pertaining the vehicle, which is going to become the successor for the HMMWV platform, is planned to take place at the Oskhosh production facility located in Wisconsin. The expected date, when the deliveries are to be completed, is defined as 1st December 2024.

The vehicles constitute a part of the first order placed, covering in total (once the contract options are fully realized) 16901 tactical cars. Should all of the plans be realized, US Army and US Marines may order, in total, around 55 thousand vehicles for ca. 30 billion dollars (49.1 thousand JLTVs for the US land forces and 5.5 thousand vehicles for the Marines). The whole procurement is expected to be finalized by 2040.