Flyeye UAV’s With Acoustic Detection System for Detecting Shots Fired by Artillery And Small Arms

  • Fot. Krzysztof Sitkowski/KPRP.

Microflown Avisa presented has a system of detecting artillery fire sources, during the IDEX 2015 expo which is taking place in the United Arab Emirates. The system in question is based on the Flyeye UAV, manufactured by the Polish WB Electronics company.

Acoustic artillery fire source detector, also known as AVS (Acoustic Vector Sensor) is, in its basic assumption, to make it possible to indicate the heading at which the shot took place, with accuracy of 1 degree. The system is capable of detecting artillery and rocket artillery at distances of up to 3 km, and machine guns positions and snipers at distances of up to 2 km.

Representatives of the Microflown Avisa company claim that the AVS system makes it possible to direct the reconnaissance equipment at that position immediately after the position is detected. This means that the UAV operators would be able to detect and track the source of shelling/shots, and to provide proper information to the command, all oof which would in turn increase the counteract capabilities.

The Microflown Avisa company has received the Defender award during the Kielce defence fair. FlyEye UAV’s are being manufactured by the Flytronic company and are contained in the inventory of the Polish Army.