Ford Ranger Vehicles Handed Off to the Polish Military. End of the Honker Era

Image: Leszek Chemperek/ via Polish Ministry's of Defence Twitter account
Image: Leszek Chemperek/ via Polish Ministry's of Defence Twitter account

The Head of the MoD took part in the process of handing off the first lot of the new Ford Ranger XLTs for the Polish military - the new vehicle would replace the Honker platform.

The event took place on 15th December, with 100 sets of car keys being handed off by Mariusz Błaszczak, the head of the MoD. 100 vehicles were presented during the event. Another 114 cars would be delivered by the end of the year, meaning that the assumptions related to the procurement in question, made for this year have been met - along with the option and extra vehicles that have been taken into the account, as the platform changed from Nissan Navarra to Ford Ranger XLT. The change took place between June and July this year, as Nissan was suffering from some problems generated by the COVID-19 crisis, like the closure of the Navarra production line in Barcelona. Poland ordered extra 13 vehicles that complement the order made in March this year, concerning 635 vehicles (485 plus 150 that could be procured via the right of an option), going up to 648 examples.

The Polish military is growing, quantitatively, but to guard the security of our homeland it also needs to be equipped with modern equipment. Vehicles are one of the elements of the said inventory. This is yet another breakthrough when it comes to the equipment used by the Polish soldiers, that would reinforce the capacity that our military has. I am convinced that it would serve well, delivering security to Poland, said Mariusz Błaszczak.

The new Ford Ranger XLT is an all-terrain passenger vehicle meeting the requirements of the Polish military. The Polish Ministry of Defence announced that the vehicle has been configured in line with specification prepared by the soldiers.

When visiting the Base, Błaszczak noted that modernization of the Polish military has a continuous profile and that specific results are achieved - so that the soldiers are equipped with modern tools. Błaszczak noted that the equipment is serving the purpose of making Poland safe. Ranger XLT uses a 2.0 EcoBlue diesel engine with a power output of 125 kW/170

HP, coupled with a manual gearbox. The 4x4 drive uses a reducer with two gears and electronic control system. The vehicle can switch between 2x4 and 4x4 configurations when on the move. The cars also feature traction control and electronically controlled rear differential lock. The military Rangers use 16-inch steel wheels with Hutchinson run-flat inserts and AT BF Goodrich tyres. The vehicles also feature hardtop bodywork with three opening covers, attachment for rail transport, and a hook. Both the frontline, as well as the supporting units would be using the vehicle.

As 2 thousand Honker vehicles are used by the Polish military now, the introduction of 214 Rangers would meet 10% of the demand for such vehicles. After the deliveries come to an end in 2022, 30% of the needs would be met.