Armed Forces

French “Future Soldier” System And Tanks – All Deployed To Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland

It is for the first time when the French Leclerc tanks, VBCI Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and the French infantry, equipped with the French Felin “Future Soldier” system have all been deployed in Poland. They all constitute a core of a tactical element, consisting of more than 300 French soldiers and 90 vehicles – and they are all going to be involved in a joint exercise in Drawsko Pomorskie, along with the Polish, as well as the American and the Canadian soldiers, who are marking the NATO forces presence in the region. 

A Company of Leclerc tanks from the 12th Cuirassier Regiment, supported by a section of mechanized infantry from the 16th Chasseur Regiment, are equipped with the “Feline” “Future Soldier” equipment and the latests VBCI wheeled infantry fighting vehicles. These forces, being the core of the French deployment, are complemented by an engineering unit from the 13th Regiment – that element is equipped with the AMX-30 EBG vehicle. Additionally, several supporting units are present.

In total, the element consists of a group of more than 300 soldiers and 90 vehicles, half of which are armoured. The vehicles include 15 Leclerc tanks, four VBCI Infantry Fighting Vehicles, four VAB armoured infantry carriers and one EBG engineering vehicle.

These forces would be involved in the Puma 2015 exercise, planned to happen between 11th and 29th May. The event would involve a live-firing training in Drawsko Pomorskie. The French units will create a joint tactical combat group with the 2nd Battalion of the Giżycko-based 15th Mechanized Brigade, equipped with the BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The battalion would be supported by engineering elements and technical support groups, along with anti-aircraft artillery. In total, 570 Polish soldiers would be involved in the exercise.