Modrzewski: We Approach The Market from a Direction Different Than Our Competition

“ICEYE company deals with Earth Observation in very short time intervals. We are trying to approach the market with a different point of view, in comparison with our competition. The current competitors utilizing large satellites remain capable of delivering high quality data, but not too often. From our point of view, speed and frequency of observation bear the key relevance – stated Rafał Modrzewski, ICEYE Co-Founder and General Director.

We are planning to launch another 2-3 satellites by the end of 2018. After obtaining the latest round of financing we can say that we have managed to fund the rest of the constellation, thus until 2019 we will have 10 SAR satellites present in the outer space.

Rafał Modrzewski, ICEYE Co-Founder and General Director

The greater the financing, the greater the trust we’re given by the investors. This round, we have collected recently, amounts up to more than PLN 100 million. This means that the trust in the ICEYE idea and in our business plan, and in the team standing behind it, is really significant.

Rafał Modrzewski, ICEYE Co-Founder and General Director