German Soldiers Deployed To Lithuania

  • Fot. Spc. Christopher Brecht/Wikimedia, Domena Publiczna
    Fot. Spc. Christopher Brecht/Wikimedia, Domena Publiczna
  • Fot. Domena publiczna
    Fot. Domena publiczna

Almost 300 soldiers of the 291st Infantry Battalion of the German-French Brigade arrived in Lithuania. 

According to the release issued by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence, the Bundeswehr troops were deployed via two air transports. 150 examples of heavy military equipment will also be transported to Lithuania. The said inventory is going to be sent via railways, to the Šeštokai railway station. As the official release states, the transported equipment will include, among other vehicles, Fuchs and Boxer APCs.

Let us recall the fact that in November 2015, it was decided by the Lithuanian government to acquire 88 examples of the Boxer platform.

The German troops, along with their equipment, will be operating following the orders of the Lithuanian Motorised Infantry Brigade “Iron Wolf”, within the operations of which the Germans will be involved in national and international exercises. Joint operations will last until July this year, they will also involve soldiers from Denmark, the United States of America, Poland and Luxembourg.

The German soldiers of the 291st Infantry Battalion, who have come to Lithuania just a few days ago, are going to remain there until the moment when the exercises comes to an end. According to the official release, their responsibilities will be then taken over by an artillery unit.

German units using the heavy inventory have been maintaining rotational exercise-related presence within the territory of Lithuania since 2015. This is related to bolstered NATO presence in the Central-Eastern Europe, which is a result of the Ukrainian crisis.

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