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Homar Missile System Acquisition Procedures Sped Up

Agreement related to acquisition of the Homar rocket system for the Polish Army is to be signed this year. The first deliveries are expected to happen in 2018.

On Tuesday, 3rd March, the Armament Inspectorate sent a request to the Stalowa Wola Ironworks [Huta Stalowa Wola] facility, to take part in the proceedings related to deliveries of “Squadron Level Fire Module [DMO – Dywizjonowy Moduł Ogniowy] – Multiple Rocket Launchers”, along with a training and logistics bundle. The system is also known as “HOMAR” (DMO “HOMAR”). The information above was provided by the MoD spokesperson, Col. Jacek Sońta.

According to the information provided by the Polish Ministry of Defence, the negotiations are to be started in June this year, with conclusion of the agreement planned to happen in the 4th quarter of the year. Deliveries of the Homar system for the units of the Polish Army will start in 2018. This task will be realized by the Stalowa Wola Ironworks, working in cooperation with a foreign partner.

The Homar system acquisition programme has been accelerated due to the Ukrainian crisis, similarly as it has happened in case of procurement of the AGM-158A JASSM missiles or UAV’s. The Homar system will make the Polish Army capable of striking targets with rocket-propelled projectiles at distances of up to 300 km.