Honeywell and Military Electronic Works Expand Their Collaboration. TALIN INS Technology Transfer

Image Credit: M. Dura
Image Credit: M. Dura

Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne (Military Electronic Works) facility belonging to the Polish Armaments Group has signed an agreement with the Honeywell company, covering cooperation within the scope of manufacturing of the mechanical elements for the Inertial Navigation Unit component utilized within the TALIN 3000/5000 INS solutions.

The agreement signed by and between the WZE facility and the Honeywell company is related to production of mechanical components for the INU (Inertial Navigation Unit) element of the TALIN 3000/5000 INS suites. The system includes a vehicle movement sensor (VMS), DCDU control panel and a gyroscope-based INU inertial navigation block.

The TALIN INS systems feature more and more new or completely modernized components as their development takes place. Here we are referring to elements such as the DCDU computer presented during the MSPO. The said computer has been, in its entirety, developed at the WZE facility in Poland.

TALIN is a proven system, as, up until now, more than 15 000 devices of this type have been integrated with more than 60 types of civil and military platforms in 20 countries. Some of such systems were also being used in combat.

The solution is well known in Poland too. It has been utilized in case of the Polish Rosomak APC that were being operated in Afghanistan, as well as in case of the self-propelled Langusta MLRS systems. The TALIN suite is also to be used with the Rak self-propelled mortars and Homar rocket launchers. 

Furthermore, WZE S.A. company based in Zielonka has received know-how and rights to manufacture the TALIN system (3000, 4000 and 6000) variants, as a part of an offset agreement concerning the INS manufacturing technologies for the wheeled APCs, concluded back in 2011, by and between the Honeywell Regelsysteme GmbH company and the Polish Ministry of Economy. The offset value of all of the commitments included in the agreement was equal to EUR 49.5 million.

Honeywell Regelsysteme GmbH company has met all of the offset requirements for Poland on time. This has been confirmed by the Polish Supreme Audit Office, when it was verifying the implementation of the Rosomak APC contractual agreement back in 2012.