PIT-RADWAR to Offer Maintenance Services for Air Defence

DUNAJ System - radar picture visualization - PIT-RADWAR
DUNAJ System - radar picture visualization - PIT-RADWAR

1. Regional Logistics Base in Wałcz announced that an order has been awarded, concerning repairs of the Dunaj system hardware, and TU-20L airfield terminals hardware. The work would be carried out by the PIT-RADWAR company, belonging to the PGZ Group.

The procurement was launched without any prior announcements made. The base awarded the order on 19th July to one entity - the PIT-Radwar S.A. company based in Warsaw. The justification reads that due to the specific nature of the work that is to be completed, throughout the scheduled maintenance, and due to the compatibility requirements, services as such may be rendered solely and exclusively by PIT-Radwar. Furthermore, the contractor selected is also the author of the technical documentation and owns the comprehensive documentation approved by the Armament Policy Department (Departament Polityki Zbrojeniowej, DPZ), of the Polish Ministry of Defence.

It was stressed that before the Dunaj system was fielded, PIT-RADWAR was dealing with the R&D effort, and then it was setting up the system, along with the TU-20L airfield terminals. It was also carrying out the maintenance works, tied to the system as a whole. 

The work scheduled between 2021 and 2023 is to cost 20.731 million zlotys (net). The agreement additionally lists subcontracting schemes, for post-guarantee maintenance and repairs, as well as inspection of the CRR-20 software kit associated with the Dunaj solution. In practical terms, we are dealing with a long-term maintenance and servicing contract, regarding a system operated by the Polish Armed Forces. The value of that agreement would, most probably, depend on the actual work done. 

The Dunaj Automated Command System has been used since the early 2000s. It is used to automate the command processes and integrate the decision-making blocks within the scope of air defence tasks, 24/7. The system processes and analyzes information provided by radar centres spread all around the country. It also aggregates data on maintenance and operational readiness. Dunaj, for 6 years now, has been a certified solution, and it is a part of NATINAMDS.