Autocomp Management Presenting its Offer Overseas

Autocomp’s booth during the MSPO 2018 event. Image Credit: Autocomp Management
Autocomp’s booth during the MSPO 2018 event. Image Credit: Autocomp Management

Szczecin-based Autocomp Management Sp. z o.o company is going to return to the Orlando-held I/ITSEC exhibition this year, with an intention to present its offer on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

This year, during the event held in Orlando, Autocomp is going to demonstrate more solutions in the domain of civil- and military-grade simulation systems. Furthermore, the company is also going to expand its offer in the area of optics. Autocomp Management announced that solutions demonstrated last year, in the domain of sniper/rifle scope simulators or of binoculars dedicated for firearms simulators have sparked some significant interest, resulting in conclusion of agreements and deliveries of optical systems for one of demanding American customers.

During the exhibition held in November, Autocomp is going to showcase its latest simulation technologies applied in products that are designed and manufactured by the company: civil- and military-grade simulators, the Szczecin company announced.

People visiting the company’s stand will have a chance to get acquainted with the combat training support system known as “Śnieżnik” and operated by the Polish military. The aforesaid solution has been recently expanded with a net-centric Spartan battlefield simulation system. Furthermore, the company is going to demonstrate simulators and training systems, as well as the portfolio of technologies applied in the complex Leopard 2A4 and “Fennek” platform simulators, manufactured in collaboration with the German KMW company. Furthermore, the company is going to make information and materials available, covering the range of civil and train or truck simulators offered by Autocomp.

As the Polish simulators manufacturer informs, technologies and solutions showcased in Orlando, during the I/ITSEC 2018 event, have all been implemented and practically applied in simulators procured by domestic and foreign customers.

2170 is going to be the booth number where AUTOCOMP Management is to demonstrate its products portfolio during the I/ITSEC 2018 event.